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Smart film

Smart Film is a high tech seamless invention that switches from transparent state to opaque one with a flick of a switch.

Smart technology provides unprecedented control over the amount of light, privacy and heat that enters a space.

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Smart Film

290,00 €
(incl. VAT 24%)
Vendor code: kvp-sf

Smart Film Power Supply
50W, 60V

129,00 €
(incl. VAT 24%)
Vendor code: KVP-SF-HT-50

Smart Film Power Supply
30W, 60V

99,00 €
(incl. VAT 24%)
Vendor code: KVP-SF-HT-30

Intelligent Smart Film Power Supply
150W, 0-60V, IP65

629,00 €
(incl. VAT 24%)
Vendor code: KVP-SF-HX-150

Smart Film Power Supply
100W, 60V

329,00 €
(incl. VAT 24%)
Vendor code: KVP-SF-HB-100

Smart Film Power Supply
200W, 60V

399,00 €
(incl. VAT 24%)
Vendor code: KVP-SF-HB-200

Smart Film Power Supply
300W, 60V

469,00 €
(incl. VAT 24%)
Vendor code: KVP-SF-HB-300

Smart Film Power Supply
500W, 60V

529,00 €
(incl. VAT 24%)
Vendor code: KVP-SF-HB-500
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