Track or surface mounted spotlights

Our compact spotlights are the perfect lighting solution for a variety of spaces, including museums, galleries, exhibition halls, and shops. Choose from standard models, spotlights with optical zoom for precise beam control, or models with adjustable brightness and color temperature to create the perfect ambiance.



Lighting museums and art galleries well is extremely important. Light helps draw attention to works of art while preventing damage to the work itself.

We have a large selection of specialized lighting for museums and galleries.

Our track lights are unique fixtures with a stunning color rendering index up to 97 Ra.

They allow you to use an optical zoom module to create a very clear light spot, finely tuned to fit the object in the room or on the wall.


Don't get lost in the crowd – attract more visitors and generate leads with our high-performance exhibition lighting.

Which option best resonates with your brand voice and target audience? Let me know if you'd like any further refinements!


Elevate your fashion store or boutique with our specialized lighting solutions designed to showcase your products in their best light. We offer a wide range of color temperatures to complement your specific product range – warmer tones for clothing, cooler tones for jewelry and electronics, and mixed lighting for optimal customer comfort.

With a stunning color rendering index of up to 97 Ra, our lights reveal the true colors and textures of your merchandise. The adjustable optical zoom module allows for precise beam control, highlighting key features and creating an inviting atmosphere.


Lighting plays a pivotal role in crafting a welcoming and inviting atmosphere in hotels and restaurants. It has the power to transform a space into a haven of relaxation and comfort, making guests feel right at home.

Our extensive collection of specialized lighting solutions for hotels and shops boasts an exceptional color rendering index (CRI) of up to 97. This ensures that your interiors are bathed in warm, natural light that enhances the beauty of your décor and creates a truly inviting ambiance.


What makes a great restaurant or bar? It's more than just good food and fine wine – it's the ambiance that sets the mood and creates a memorable experience for your guests. Lighting plays a crucial role in achieving that perfect atmosphere, guiding the eye and creating a warm, inviting space.

Our extensive collection of specialized lighting solutions for bars, cafes, and restaurants boasts an exceptional color rendering index (CRI) of up to 97 Ra, ensuring vibrant, true-to-life colors that enhance your decor and create a welcoming ambiance.


Take full control of your lighting and beyond with our intelligent lighting systems powered by Casambi technology.
Effortlessly manage your lights, create personalized scenes, and automate tasks through a user-friendly app.
Our Casambi-enabled systems also integrate seamlessly with building automation, security, and video surveillance systems for a truly connected and efficient environment.


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